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    Welcome to the Rain web pages. We pray your visit is enjoyable and informative as well as beneficial in your search for wisdom. We are blessed to bring these pages to you. Having the ability to present this site, we praise our Heavenly Father through Yeshua, Messiah.

   We are students of God's word, as students we understand wisdom comes from studying the scriptures line-by-line, chapter-by-chapter, rightly dividing the word of Truth. The Rain web pages are designed to support bible teachers which teach the truth, rather than the traditions of men. With this in mind, these web pages are designed for both; beginner and mature student or anyone searching for the meaning of life. It's our intention to inform and encourage all who seek wisdom from Holy Writ, found in the simplicity of God's beautiful word.

   Those not familiar with the Rain web pages may enjoy reading the article that answers the question: "What is a student of God's word?" In these web pages the student will find articles, references, studies, notes and a few of Professor Bullinger's Appendixes to the Companion Bible. With today's technology many students have small hand held devices with internet access. These web pages are designed with this in mind, for those with very small cell phones, information can be accessed at THERAIN.MOBI. Our hope is to be helpful to all students around the world, whether it's planting seeds in your travels or in your daily bible study.

   At the bottom of the Short Studies page (link above) you will find our contact information, also the ability to ask bible questions or send us your comments. Being students ourselves we do not hide the candle under a basket! Please enjoy as you peruse these web pages, to get started just click on any of the links above.

   Mostly it's important to remember, Father loves all of His children, He created you for His pleasure, He may not love some of the things we all do, but He does love you and that's why He sent us the Savior. With that being said, if you should find wisdom in these web pages, know that it isn't us, because ALL wisdom comes from Father it's from Him that all wisdom flows. We may plant the seeds, but only He can make the seed grow.

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